CLICK HERE for our online booking page where you can schedule showings

Keep in mind it’s not as fast as emailing us or giving the office a call as we will have real-time updates on which units are available when we speak in person, but it will reserve that time slot for you. Multiple prospective residents may accompany you on your showing.

You will need the following information:

  1. The address and unit number of the apartment you are interested in, and at least one second choice.
  2. Your name and the names of ALL roommates (if any), as well as emails and phone numbers for everyone.
  3. Your availability for showings (please indicate all days and a range, such as Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm)

Our pre-set booking times are:

Tuesdays from 1:00pm -5:00pm, Wednesdays from 10:00am-12:00pm and from 2:00pm-5:00pm, and Thursdays from 2:00pm-5:00pm.

You can also call us directly or text 513-535-2154 orĀ email us at


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