Facilities Technician: Level 2

Nazca Properties is a three-generation family business that focuses on the stewardship of historic buildings, the people who live there and the communities around them. We are a small and resilient family searching for a person that is driven to succeed, and who fits well in our tight-knit group. Because we are a smaller organization we are flexible, allowing us to tailor your work schedule and benefit package to your needs. 

FT Level 2 requires 3-5+ years of experience in repair, building trades, and maintenance. Competitive pay (based on location and experience up to $29 hourly) plus Performance bonuses. Possibility to have use of company vehicle during work hours, company provided uniforms, healthcare options, Company paid training in industry specific maintenance skills.

As a facilities technician, you will have the opportunity to engage with customers, serve the basic human need for safe affordable housing, and to help continue the push to save and restore the beautiful legacy of historic architecture Cincinnati has to offer.

These duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Electrical repair and minor troubleshooting, changing bulbs, fixtures, fuses etc.
  2. Plumbing repair, snaking drains, rebuilding toilets, changing fixtures, Tile etc.
  3. Carpentry and repair, replacing trim, rotted deck boards, repairing doors, etc. 
  4. Repairing window hardware, door hardware, trim, and other similar repairs
  5. Minor roof repair, gutter cleaning and cornice repair/restoration etc. 
  6. Paint, drywall, finishing and make-ready skills for turnovers and renovations.
  7. Be able to push, pull and/or lift up to 60 LBS. Be in physical condition for an active job. 
  8. Cleanup and vigilance of property lots and buildings
  9. Driver’s license and appropriate work vehicle (truck, van, etc)
  10. Prompt and reasonable communication with owners and Residents.
  11. Professional behavior and dress, sober. Clean criminal record and reasonable credit.
  12. Self-motivated with a willingness to learn and improve skillset.
  13. Rotating on-call weekends and after-hours (be ready, sober, timely while on call) 
  14. Electronic competency including basic computing skills, mobile apps etc. 


  1. Use of company vehicles and equipment (Transit van, trucks, lifts etc.) with proper training on use and maintenance provided, and expectation of responsible behavior. 
  2. Health insurance premium reimbursements or possibility of health insurance coverage
  3. Use of company office space, shop space, and tools when working
  4. Training opportunities in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural, and historic restoration, such as plaster work, historic carpentry/joinery, fabrication, etc.
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