IMPORTANT: Lockout Policy Changes


Dear Residents of Nazca;


We have increasingly found that it is essential that we discontinue our after-hours lockout policy starting this Thursday at 5 PM. There will be NO exceptions!


Well over 90% of our emergency service calls are for lockouts, and most of these are from the same very small group of residents who continually forget their keys. Although the vast majority of you are responsible, because we are a small team the amount of lockout calls is not sustainable, especially with our reduced workforce. 


We will be available to let you back into your unit between the hours of 9AM-5PM Monday-Thursday and 9AM-12PM Fridays when our offices are open. If you find yourself locked out of your unit when we are closed, You will have these options:

  • Call a roommate to let you in if you have them.
  • Stay with a friend or family member until the office opens.
  • Our leases allow for a cosigner to have a set of keys for your unit.
  • Call a locksmith. This should be a last resort, and keep in mind that any damage done to the locks or rekeying costs will be the resident’s responsibility. 


We appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

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