Hello Everyone!

Every once in a while, we get a cold snap that can result in plumbing damage if our guidelines aren’t followed. A prolonged period of 36 hours or more with temperatures below 10 degrees can freeze pipes that normally are without issue. Please follow all of the instructions below to ensure your apartment and personal items stay safe and no water lines break.

IF YOU HAVE LEFT FOR BREAK AND TURNED OFF YOUR HEAT YOU NEED TO LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. This is against your lease, but especially now it can result in frozen pipes that will need to be repaired, damage to your apartment or other’s apartments and belongings, and you will need to pay for this damage. We will enter the unit to turn on the heat for you as soon as you let us know.

1. Leave open all cabinet doors with plumbing in them. This allows warm air to get to them, especially if they are on an outside wall.

2. Leave faucets running with a tiny stream of water. I turn the faucet on until it drips, then increase the drip slightly until there is a tiny stream running. The extra water usage is a small price to pay for ensuring there is no damage.

3. Make certain ALL windows are completely shut and locked. This seals the air gap and makes it more efficient. This includes all window AC units being removed and stored in your apartment. THIS VIDEO shows how to do so.

4. Leave your furnace on a MINIMUM of 65 degrees, even if you are going on break. Leave the fan on AUTO.


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

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